Fix ORF HD for EyeTv and eyetvCamd (Mac OS < 10.7)

eyetvCamd & EyeTV - ORF HD Fix (Mac OS < 10.7 (32bit)): - Copy & Replace to eyetvCamd directory Keep in mind: - I am not able to verify this patch, as I am not willed to support Mac OS X< 10.7 (security reasons) - There are major SSL changes from OS X 7 -> OS X 11 Download eyetvcamd-orfhd-patch Mac OS X > 10.10 Users: eyetv-softcam-eyetvcamd-v2-01c-eyetv-mac-osx-10-11-32bit


Smartcard Reader Library for Atmel32u4 and Arduino (ISO-7816) Protocol T1 T=1

Info: For those of you who are interested in building their own Arduino based smart card reader/writer interface with the commonly used T=1 protocol (see ISO-7816). - See the hardware sketch in order to get a feeling for the hardware setup! - Feel free to look at the Example.cpp to get into to my library with "ease"! -  If you want to use a cpu timer as external clock, see the following: /* * See Atmel32u4 - Specification at Page 90ff * Frequency = Clock / (2 * N * (1 + OCR1A)) * N = Prescaler Factor: 1,8,64,256,1024 * * 8Mhz: * Frequency =…

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EyeTV freezing solved: eyetvcamd with OSCAM with CCCam (new Proxy and Splitter)

Hey guys, Proxies: It took me quite some effort to test/verify all the buggy OSCam versions that are not capable of sharing key requests/answers free of freezers. The essence of my findings is that OSCam version 1.20 r 10009/10010 broke the possibility to split a single line into several "client lines". This has to do with caching methods introduced in 1.20 r10000+. Easy fix: do not use OSCam 1.20 revision > 10000! Download LineSplitter Publish: As many of u ask me to publish sources of eyetvcamd (ORF HD Fix): I actually think about it, but I am still working on it...…


Reverse engineering 433MHz signals of Velleman P8078 and Holtek HT46R01T3 or HT48R01T3, HT48RXX, HT48XXX (Arduino Library)

[HACKS] uC & Arduino Library: reverse engineering 433mhz signals of Velleman P8078 and Holtek HT46R01T3 or HT48R01T3 I reverse engineered a 433mhz signal of the 4xR01T3v130 / 46R01T3v130 / 48R01T3v130 chips which are commonly used by Tevion (Aldi product in Germany). As I normally use an Arduino uC I hacked a small library that is capable to sniff the air for interesting packets. The cause I needed to write it on my own and not using the various libs out there was: they just do not work (VirtualWire, RCSwitch, RemoteSwicth etc. etc.) as they are only for specific protocol types (called 1,2,3). I…


Guide: EyeTV with eyetvCamd and OSCam (1.20 r10948) and CCcam (2.3.0) and OS X 10.10.5

Because of so many requests: let me show you how to watch encrypted TV with your MAC and EyeTV via eyetvCamd. First things first: I compiled a new version of OSCam for MAC (OS X 10.10.5)! You can download it oscam-1.20-r10948-ssl. You only need OSCam locally if you want to use other protocols than OSCam with your Server (Host): e.g. CCCam Server: you must use a local OSCam Proxy -> use my OSCam version (1.20 r10984 compiled with SSL because of APPLE only using "secure" HTTPS as of 10.10.4?) Other tools and plugins can be found: here and here and here. If you…


Mac OS 10.10 FreeImage Library > 3.17 Makefile for OS X > 10.10 Yosemite and Xcode 6.x

This is a working FreeImage Library Makefile to support the library building process  within OS X...   [Tip] Make sure to correctly setup your MAC OS X Xcode SDK within this Makefile. Download Makefile.osx   # Mac OSX makefile for FreeImage # General configuration variables: CC_X86_64 = clang CPP_X86_64 = clang++ -stdlib=libc++ #CPP_X86_64 = clang++ -stdlib=libc++ COMPILERFLAGS = -Os -fexceptions -fvisibility=hidden -DNO_LCMS -D__ANSI__ -DDISABLE_PERF_MEASUREMENT COMPILERFLAGS_X86_64 = -arch x86_64 COMPILERPPFLAGS = -Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy INCLUDE += INCLUDE_X86_64 = -isysroot /Applications/ CFLAGS_X86_64 = $(COMPILERFLAGS) $(COMPILERFLAGS_X86_64) $(INCLUDE) $(INCLUDE_X86_64) CPPFLAGS_X86_64 = $(COMPILERPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS_X86_64) LIBRARIES_X86_64 = -Wl,-syslibroot /Applications/ LIBTOOL = libtool LIPO = lipo TARGET = freeimage STATICLIB…


Mac OS: Nvidia WebDriver GTX 750 and GTX9xx – Update Problems

[Do not copy and paste] Remember: always replace the following system version strings with your specific ones. Remember: you can force the default OS X display driver to load by adding nv_disable=1 to your boot flags   If you are using CLOVER keep in mind that you are loading the Nvidia driver by adding nvda_drv=1 to your boot flags. This results in the fact the Nvidia menu always show up OS X Default driver but is running the Nvidia webdriver: But if you exec: kextstat | grep web you will see something like the following (if  you are successfully running Nvidia's web driver) 112 2 0xffffff7f8261b000 0x2d7000…


Owncloud Setup Tutorial – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – Bugfixes: php, utf8, untrusted, ssl, apache

1. Preparation - ubuntu 14.04 Long Time Support - Any Edition i386/amd64 - VMware/Native Bootable USB Stick MAC OS X diskutil list diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2 hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.2-server-i386 Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.2-server-i386.iso sudo dd if=Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.2-server-amd64.dmg of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m diskutil eject /dev/disk2 2. Install Ubuntu Switch to root user (sudo su root) apt-get update apt-get upgrade 2.1 Setup Network nano /etc/network/interfaces Edit according to your settings: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers 3. Database - mysql apt get-install apache2 php5 php5-mysql MySQL Setup: user: root password: password mysql -u root -p create database dbname; CREATE…

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