EyeTV freezing solved: eyetvcamd with OSCAM with CCCam (new Proxy and Splitter)

  • Post published:December 23, 2015

Hey guys,

  1. Proxies: It took me quite some effort to test/verify all the buggy OSCam versions that are not capable of sharing key requests/answers free of freezers. The essence of my findings is that OSCam version 1.20 r 10009/10010 broke the possibility to split a single line into several “client lines”. This has to do with caching methods introduced in 1.20 r10000+.
    Easy fix: do not use OSCam 1.20 revision > 10000!
    Download LineSplitter
  2. Publish: As many of u ask me to publish sources of eyetvcamd (ORF HD Fix): I actually think about it, but I am still working on it… so for now there is no version I can give to you, wich will satisfy most of your needs… sorry about that :/