COQ – Calculus of Inductive Constructions – Sublime – OS X 10.10.X

0. Preparation As of OS X 10.10 the official coq IDE version (Coq 8.4pl5) is not working. 0.1 Install brew Enter your terminal ans execute: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 0.2 Install coq brew install coq 0.3 Install coqide brew install Caskroom/cask/coqide   1. Install "Sublime Package Control": If for some reason the console installation instructions do not work for you (such as having a proxy on your network), perform the following steps to manually install Package Control: Click the Preferences > Browse Packages… menu Browse up a folder and then into the Installed Packages/ folder Download Package Control.sublime-package and copy it into the Installed Packages/ directory Restart Sublime Text 2.…


Mac OS: deploying Unity 3D application on Android 4.x causes “zipaling” Error

Do not know why, but Google is not paying enough attention at their latest SDKs. They changed file and folder structure without spending any notice. So if you are running into Error messages that contain keywords like "zipaling" you need to move the "zipalign" binary, or any other binaries to their origin folder. 1. Maybe the "zipalign" file is now located at ../sdk/build-tools/android-4.x.x/ If this is the case please move it to ../sdk/tools/ 2. If "zipalign" is not located at ../sdk/build-tools/android-4.x.x/ use this one and extract and save it at the ../sdk/tools/ folder  


SoftCam OSCam example of CAIDs and their usage with OSCam

Content of your oscam.conf file # protocols [newcamd] port = 15000@1702:000000;15001@1833:000000;15002@09C4:000000; 15003@098C:000000;15004@1830:000000;15005@0B00:000000; The Ports are necessary for EyeTV/eyetvCamd/OSCam to know how to communicate with each other. The example line above show us how to access for example HD+(15004) and MTV(15005) cards. If you switch to one of these providers in EyeTV keep in mind that you need to select the according CAID in eyetvcamd to tunnel the port initially. You can get the latest CAIDs  HERE 


SoftCAMonitor Update! Bug fixes and OSCAM integration

This package contains all the relevant software to get your EyeTV + OSCam setup running with ease. The only thing you need to do is: edit the oscam.* configuration files. Further instructions can be found in the Readme file. Moreover I provide an installer script that automatically places all the files correctly (64Bit). Basically I would like to advice you to: 1. Edit the configuration files correctly. [Basically you only need to edit the <todo> sections, if you want to use oscam as client ] 2a. Start the installer script if you are on 64Bit OSX. [Run the script within the file's folder]…


Update on SoftCam Toolkit

[UPDATE] Here 07/2014 I am planning on doing a huge update on my SoftCam Toolkit. So currently i am working on the fusion of eyetvcamd, oscam and softcamd. Useability is a big point too... Here is a new version that autostarts your softcams and plugins, when and if eyetv starts:


Mac OS pyQt 4.x or 5.x: Solving typical problems (ImportError: No module named PyQt4)

Installation: brew install pyqt Open up terminal and check: 1. "which python" -> Wrong: /usr/bin (Apple) -> Right: /usr/local/bin (brew) 2. "brew doctor" 3. "export" Setup your PATH correctly to /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin -> export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:$PATH Usage: I would recommend using QtCreator to setup a drag and drop User Interface (*.ui) File. Afterwards  we must compile the UI-File into python code (wrap it): pyuic4 mainwindow.ui -o If you have a Resource File QRC- File too you have to previously do: pyrcc4 mainwindow.qrc -o Keep in mind to replace the names according to your filenames ;) so... pyrcc4 <resourcefilename>.qrc…


Alias vs. Rsync vs. SSH

A small nifty script, to sync any folder on a local machine to a remote server, and running any command to be executed at the server e.g. in a specified folder alias sync="cd <foldertosync@local> && rsync -avP --progress -e ssh <foldertosync@local> <username>@<serveraddress>:<foldertosync@server> && ssh -X <username>@<serveraddress> -t \"cd <foldertosync@server>; bash --login\""


Jailbreak: Root almost any Android device with Mac OS

Root almost any Android device: 1. Download Android SDK: 2. Launch Android SDK Manager: cd /your-android-sdk-macosx-folder/sdk/tools ./android sdk 2.1. Install from Android SDK Manager: "Android SDK Platform-tools" 3. Check for adb and fastboot in your platform-tools folder: cd /your-android-sdk-macosx-folder/sdk/platform-tools ls   4. Download Android File Transfer: 4.1 Install Android File Transfer 5. Download Custom Recovery ClockworkMod or TWRP TeamWin Recovery ROM Download Recovery or Recovery Touch (recommended for touch-input support while jailbreaking) 6. Download SuperUser SU Download latest SuperSu Version We need the CWM installable ZIP 7. Copy ClockworkMod & SuperSU into /your-android-sdk-folder/sdk/platform-tools/ 8. Connect Android device…

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