Taskbar application: Show or Hide Files (Max OS)

I wrote this little tool to be able to fast and easy show or hide my files in Finder and to play some music in safari (you need to change the source code for the web radio stream) maybe i add an input textfield! If you are looking for a small tool to show or hide your files and are too lazy to type in a line or alias into terminal then take this app! GET IT HERE


SoftCAM monitor Mac OS (10.8) (monitors EyeTV, EyeTVCamd, and OSCAM)

[UPDATE] Here 07/2014 [UPDATE] HERE To be able to watch my favourite PayTV on my mac i coded a tiny application to set up your softcam environment and start and stop everything easily. The app is selfexplaining so i will not write more then necessary at this time. Do not ask questions that cause piracy! I will post some links to sites/forums you will find the answers you are looking for while using this application. This Package contains an OS X Mountain Lion tested Version of OSCAM (For OS X 10.8) and EyeTVCamD (For OS X 10.8)! All you have…


VPN auto-reconnect tool (Windows & Linux)

04.05.2010 Hi, because of a damn problem with my vpn connection @my university, I was forced to write a small tool to automatically force windows to close an start "reconnect" my vpn connection! It's still in beta mode, but already working! Windows: Get it here... Linux: Get it here... INSTRUCTIONS: 1.You have to setup your vpn connection in its connection properties as shown at the pic 2.You have to change some values in the *.bat file to your specific vpn connection name! EINGESTELLT UM 00:37