[MAC] EyeTV + eyetvCamd + OSCam + CCcam Guide (OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite) OSCam 1.20 r10948 and CCCam 2.3.0

Because of so many requests: let me show you how to watch encrypted TV with your MAC and EyeTV via eyetvCamd.

First things first: I compiled a new version of OSCam for MAC (OS X 10.10.5)! You can download it oscam-1.20-r10948-ssl.
You only need OSCam locally if you want to use other protocols than OSCam with your Server (Host): e.g. CCCam Server: you must use a local OSCam Proxy -> use my OSCam version (1.20 r10984 compiled with SSL because of APPLE only using “secure” HTTPS as of 10.10.4?) Other tools and plugins can be found: here and here and here. If you only want to be able to directly communicate with an OSCAM Server jump to section 3 and follow its details.

I decided to split the guide into 3 different sections:

1. CCCAM Server PDF
If you have a CCCam server running and want to connect eyetv to it, use this!

2. OSCAM Server (CCCam protocol) PDF
If you have an OSCAM server running and want to connect eyetv via cccam protocol to it, use this!

If you have an OSCAM server running and want to connect eyetv directly via newcamd protocol to it, use this!


Keep in mind: this was tested with CAID 098C,1830 for scientific and personal demonstration purposes only. I am not willing to help you to fight against the law and your content providers! So please do not even think about asking me questions with illegal intention or tendency!!


  1. Chris Bowman

    My cccam readers work on osx 10.7.5 but not 10.11.1 in your oscam or any other version I have compiled. Pwd ack not received. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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