SoftCAM monitor Mac OS (10.8) (monitors EyeTV, EyeTVCamd, and OSCAM)

  • Post published:July 29, 2013

[UPDATE] Here 07/2014


To be able to watch my favourite PayTV on my mac i coded a tiny application to set up your softcam environment and start and stop everything easily.

The app is selfexplaining so i will not write more then necessary at this time.


Do not ask questions that cause piracy! I will post some links to sites/forums you will find the answers you are looking for while using this application.

This Package contains an OS X Mountain Lion tested Version of OSCAM (For OS X 10.8) and EyeTVCamD (For OS X 10.8)!
All you have to do is fill in your account settings for either CCcam or OSCAM!

Who needs SoftCAMMonitor Tool?
Folks that want to use EyeTV + EyeTVCamd + OSCAM to connect to a SmartCard or CCcam/OSCAM-Server and easily start/stop the machine!