[SoftCAM] SoftCAMMonitor MAC OS X 10.8 Tool (EyeTV EyeTVCamd OSCAM Monitor)

[UPDATE] Here 07/2014


To be able to watch my favourite PayTV on my mac i coded a tiny application to set up your softcam environment and start and stop everything easily.

The app is selfexplaining so i will not write more then necessary at this time.


Do not ask questions that cause piracy! I will post some links to sites/forums you will find the answers you are looking for while using this application.

This Package contains an OS X Mountain Lion tested Version of OSCAM (For OS X 10.8) and EyeTVCamD (For OS X 10.8)!
All you have to do is fill in your account settings for either CCcam or OSCAM!

Who needs SoftCAMMonitor Tool?
Folks that want to use EyeTV + EyeTVCamd + OSCAM to connect to a SmartCard or CCcam/OSCAM-Server and easily start/stop the machine!



  1. Jase

    hi can you provide some instructions, for example for are OSCAM and EyeTVCamD installed as the monitor keeps showing an X against EyeTVCamD , so don’t know if install or cfg missing

  2. Chris

    I have two tuners and only one card on my mac with eyetv. This is all good aslong as im not using the one that has the card physically. then it makes it impossible to look at the other channels that need the card so i need oscam / eyetvcamd but im not shure what this app does on its own. Do i need still the eyetvcamd app running or does this still need it in paralell. There is not much to go on as a mac user as all the information available is either for dreambox or linux. Do i need to make some config files on this also?

  3. Abdes


    I have some questions and I hope you can help me out.

    I have an EyeTV working on my Mac but I have no idea how I can get the card sharing servers of my brother in law in EyetvCamd to watch Pay TV (we share our cards through a linux server I think it supports Cccam & Camd but I am not sure).

    Could you please maybe give me an explanation or a short tutorial how to get this done as I am a complete noob šŸ™‚

    Thx in advance,


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