Spirit-Jailbreak Update

04.05.2010 Comex just fixed some Spirit errors: http://spiritjb.com/ “Update (May 3): I’ve updated the jailbreak tool. It no longer deletes photos (sorry!) and should resolve the issue with error code c0000005. (If you still get that error with the new version, try setting compatibility mode to Windows 95.)” EINGESTELLT UM 00:18

Spirit Jailbreak Release!

04.05.2010 @Comex released his Userland Jailbreak Tool for ALL iDevices @7:32 03.05.2010 http://spiritjb.com/ NOTE: Windows User have to run this tool in windows 98 or 95 compatibilty mode to bypass an error message! NOTE: U also have to have an already activated iDevice!