[MAC] iMakeConFiles OS X Application to create icon.iconset icon.icns (icns iconset) bundles or files for iOS/MAC Apps

Easy ICON ICNS ICONSET CREATOR FROM png AND jpg: This Application converts *.png or *.jpg images to retina icns iconsets for iconset bundles. You only have to select your input image and your output folder and press generate -> iconset folder/bundle is generated!512 256 126 64 32 16 and @2x pictures are generated! 512 256 … [Read more…]

[Wine MAC OS X] Torchlight 2 Wineskin Bottle

This is a clean and up to date wineskin (http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php) bottle… Due to the fact that i synced all my Blogs i ll have to sync the big files too. So please be patient until i am able to upload the bottle again. OS X 8 support Steam preinstalled runnable wineskin bottle preinstalled engine Download … [Read more…]