[EyeTV] Updated eyetvcamd version: v2.01c for MAC OSX 10.11+ (32bit)


Update1: ORF HD problems fixed with eyetvcamd 2.0c1
Update2: If you need help to setup eyetvcamd with EyeTV and OSCam see: Here

Because of eyetvcamd having several problems with the latest version of OS X I decided to spend my sunday in order to fix those:

First of all EyeTV 3.x is still a 32bit binary, so do not expect an eyetvcamd 64bit version as long as Elgato does not update its EyeTv software.
Second, Many of you ask for help because of crashes: I am glad to tell you that I absolutely have no crashes at all (OS X 10.11+, EyeTV 3.6.8, eyetvcamd 2.0c1) so get up to date 😉
Third, when it comes to ORF HD, I tried to do a “hacky quick fix”,  I could reproduce the fatal crash, as it has to do with the VIACCESS descriptors. But I am not able to test it in live mode, because I’ve got no ORF membership. So please feel free to test it and send in some bug reports, please.
Have fun!

Downloads: eyetvcamd201c 


  1. Abdsadik Boutkaboute

    Hello Mr. Feigl,

    First of all I would like to thank you for the fantastic work and effort you have put in this application.

    I have a question to ask.

    Every time I start Eyetv the softcam monitor app shows that OSCAM is down.

    Does it have something to do with an error in my config files or is there something amiss with the Oscam file ?

    I am trying to connect to a Cccam server where my brother in law and I have put our cards together, these are french & belgian cards though (I don’t know if that matters)

    Looking forward for your answer, because I really am hopeless to get it to work. I have been trying it since years now and I still did not manage to get it done even with all your updates and how to’s :’-(

    Many Thanks,


  2. Bucket


    Könnte ich oder die Allgemeinheit den Patch bez. ORFHD bzw. den Quellcode zu 2.01c haben?

    Ich betriebe meinen eyetv Aufzeichnungsserver noch mit Yosemite und die Version oben läuft erst ab el captain

  3. Florian

    Hallo Tobias,
    ich habe eine Frage zum EYETVCAMD:
    Warum muss ich beim Host zwingend eine IP-Adresse (z.B. angeben und die Software akzeptiert KEINE Eingabe einer DynDNS Adresse (z.B. meinserver.no-ip.biz) ?
    Ist im Code eine Vorgabe der Host-Eingabe definiert, so dass nur das Format funktioniert?

    Bin leider kein Programmierer!

    Vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit…

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