Mac OS: iMakeConFiles creates (*.icns and *.iconset) bundles for iOS/Mac OS

Easy ICON ICNS ICONSET CREATOR FROM png AND jpg: This Application converts *.png or *.jpg images to retina icns iconsets for iconset bundles. You only have to select your input image and your output folder and press generate -> iconset folder/bundle is generated!512 256 126 64 32 16 and @2x pictures are generated! 512 256 126 64 32 16 and @2x pictures are generated! The application uses iconutils and sips to convert and resize/convert image files (keep that in mind if something won't work)! Download


Mac OS: Chameleon Bootloader USB Pendrive

This is a collection of the most important information you will need to start with your hackintosh! Explanation: Sources: Easy alternative: Unibeast Driver collection: Community: Lan: Sensors: DSDT Editor: CUDA: PCI Vendor IDs:

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Mac OS: AGPM Editing with a sleeping GPU and AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext

OS X 8.X: 1. Backup /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext 2. "Right click" on AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext and select "Show Package Contents" 3. Open Contents folder and Info.plist 4. Locate a line according to your SMBios.plist entry (for example MacPro5,1) in the Info.plist: </dict> <key>MacPro5,1</key> <dict> <key>Threshold_High</key> <array> <integer>55</integer> <integer>75</integer> <integer>99</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_Low</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>87</integer> <integer>87</integer> <integer>87</integer> </array> 5. Change it to (for example): <key>Threshold_High</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>45</integer> <integer>75</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_Low</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>85</integer> <integer>99</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> 6. Save Explanation: The problem happens because the GPU stays at its lowest G-state (lowest performance for energy saving). G-states are defined in keys Threshold_High and…