[MAC] iDirStat – monitor your disk space; Free MAC OS X alternatives of: DaisyDisk, Disk Inventory X, QDirStat and WinDirStat (Sierra 10.12.x)

MAC OS X Sierra 10.12.X compatible disk space monitor and statistic user interface and editor (25.05.2017)


Edited QDirStat: base at https://github.com/shundhammer/qdirstat which based on http://kdirstat.sourceforge.net

Qt-based directory statistics: KDirStat without any KDE — from the author of the original KDirStat. (c) 2015-2017 Stefan Hundhammer Stefan.Hundhammer@gmx.de Target Platforms: Linux, BSD, Unix-like systems, License: GPL V2, Updated: 2017-05-25

QDirStat is a graphical application to show where your disk space has gone and to help you to clean it up. This is a Qt-only port of the old Qt3/KDE3-based KDirStat, now based on the latest Qt 5. It does not need any KDE libs or infrastructure. It runs on every X11-based desktop on Linux, BSD and other Unix-like systems. QDirStat has a number of new features compared to KDirStat. To name a few: Multi-selection in both the tree and the treemap. Unlimited number of user-defined cleanup actions. Properly show errors of cleanup actions (and their output, if desired). File categories (MIME types) and their treemap color are now configurable. Exclude rules for directories are easily configurable. Desktop-agnostic; no longer relies on KDE or any other specific desktop.


  1. Tobias, nice work! You might have read that the QDirStat project would very much welcome an architecture maintainer for MacOS X. If the changes of your port are not too dramatic, we might be able to unify both projects to a common one.

    Stefan Hundhammer
    QDirStat author

  2. Hörmet Yiltiz

    Wonderful port! I am trying to QDirStat myself in Macbook Pro High Sierra. Would be wonderful to see the iDirStat contribute back to QDirStat.

    • Hörmet Yiltiz

      BTW, as per GPL, you are required to publish the source along with the binary now that you are distributing iDirStat. Please share the source.

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