[MAC OS X] EyeTV OSCAM + eyetvCamd + libusb + smartreader + smargo + USB + SSL + OS X 10.11.x + 64Bit + MAC OS X Oscam Server with USB support for external readers

OSCam with ssl, libusb support
– os x changed its ssl library support
– libusb must be installed for external usb cardreader support

1. I recommend “brew” to install openssl
1.1. /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”
1.2. brew install openssl
1.3. this will install openssl to /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/xxx/
1.4. as oscam will look for openssl in /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib you are welcome to link or copy it there manually

2. download libusb from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/libusb/files/libusb-1.0/libusb-1.0.9/libusb-1.0.9.tar.bz2
2.1 configure, make, make install it

3. build oscam with ssl and usb support
3.1. get scam sources here: svn checkout http://www.streamboard.tv/svn/oscam/trunk oscam-svn
I recommend to checkout revision 10009 as this particular oscam version is even capable to split/proxy an external non reshareable line and is very stable/freeze free at all
3.2. setup config:
make allyesconfig
make USE_LIBUSB=1 LIBUSB_LIB=”/usr/local/lib/libusb-1.0.al -lobjc -framework IOKit -framework CoreFoundation”
3.3. make install

4. configure oscam
4.1 by default config files are located at /usr/local/etc
4.2 simple example of a hd01 card with a cheap usb smartreader
4.2.1 oscam.conf
nice = -1
logfile = /usr/local/oscam/oscam.log
usrfile = /usr/local/oscam/oscamuser.log
cwlogdir = /usr/local/oscam/cw

port = 15000@1830:000000;
key = 01…14
keepalive = 1

httpport = 1337
httpuser = myusername
httppwd = mypassword
httpallowed =,,
in order to be able to locate and use the correct smartreader, as osx is not mounting it via /dev/tty.usb.*, nor it does by udev, you must look for it in OS Xs registy entries by: system_profiler SPUSBDataType, as a result you will use your findings this way: “device = Serial:Reader DDA21FB” but replacing it with your own serial number (DDA21FB) oscam.server
label = hdplus01
description = smartreaderhdplus01
protocol = smartreader
device = Serial:Reader DDA21FB
caid = 1830
boxkey = A7…7C
rsakey = BF…D5
detect = cd
mhz = 369
cardmhz = 368
ident = 1830:000000,003411,008011
group = 1
emmcache = 1,3,2
auprovid = 003411
ecmwhitelist = 1830:92

4.2.3 oscam.user
user = eyetvcamd
pwd = eyetvcamd
au = hdplus01
group = 1

5. you need to configure eyetvCamd
5.1 run eyetvCamd to create a server.plist at /Users/your-username/Documents/eyetvCamd/server.plist
you must add all your wanted oscam.conf newcamd ports according to your settings

6. Prebuilt binaries
Btw.: you are welcome to download and use my prebuilt oscam/libusb/openssl binaries/libraries for OS X 10.11.X,
but you must copy the libraries in/to its correct directories/locations
you can find the locations by with otool: otool -L oscam or otool -L libusb.a



  1. eumesmo

    hi tobias, i’ve been trying to use eyecamd to view my paid subscripted channels, but i only can see 10 seconds until it goes encrypted, i’ve tested my scam with a DVB-C box and it works fine, the diference I have found it’s that eyecamd only send one eco request, the until i restart it it does not send any request, any ideias why?

  2. Torsten Gusenda

    Hallo Tobias, ich verwende schon sehr lange EyeTV und finde Deinen Blog sehr hilfreich bei Problemen mit diesem Programm. Ich möchte gern iCloud zur Synchronisierung der Dokumente meiner Macs verwenden. Leider funktioniert dann eyetvcamd nicht mehr, da der Dokumentenordner in die iCloud verschoben wird. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit den Speicherort von eyetvcamd zu ändern?

    Hello Tobias, I use very long EyeTV and find your blog very helpful with problems with this program. I would like to use iCloud to synchronize the documents of my Macs. Unfortunately, then eyetvcamd no longer works because the document folder is moved to the iCloud. Is there a way to change the location of eyetvcamd?

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