Reverse engineering 433MHz signals of Velleman P8078 and Holtek HT46R01T3 or HT48R01T3, HT48RXX, HT48XXX (Arduino Library)

[HACKS] uC & Arduino Library: reverse engineering 433mhz signals of Velleman P8078 and Holtek HT46R01T3 or HT48R01T3 I reverse engineered a 433mhz signal of the 4xR01T3v130 / 46R01T3v130 / 48R01T3v130 chips which are commonly used by Tevion (Aldi product in Germany). As I normally use an Arduino uC I hacked a small library that is capable to sniff the air for interesting packets. The cause I needed to write it on my own and not using the various libs out there was: they just do not work (VirtualWire, RCSwitch, RemoteSwicth etc. etc.) as they are only for specific protocol types (called 1,2,3). I…


Mac OS update -Repair bootcamp gap between GPT3 and GPT4

Broken BOOTCAMP in OS X 11 El Capitan -------------------------------------------------------- // To prevent from this issue: please do not update OS X if you did a manually resize operation on your already installed bootcamp, unless you did not backup your windows files. or change the way you resize your bootcamp partitition ti the following: backup your windows files, delete the bootcamp partitions with sox’s bootcamp helper - create a new (resized) bootcamp with bootcamp helper - update OS X! // The following guide adresses MAC setups with a single disk // If you have a multi disk setup you must adjust…


Mac OS Seafile – change synchronization folder location

1. Activate "show hidden files": defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES 2.1 Open file: /Users/<username>/.ccnet/seafile.ini 2.2 Edit entry: /path to the root folder where the "Seattle" folder is at /Seafile/.seafile-data 3. Deactivate "show hidden files": defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO