[MAC] Kitematic – Docker Image Toolbox – Example: sharelatex

1. Install Kitematic (Beta) https://www.docker.com/toolbox
2. Install tiagoboldt/sharelatex-docker https://hub.docker.com/r/tiagoboldt/sharelatex-docker/
3. Start the docker image
4. Open Exec terminal
5. Change directory to: /sharelatex/web
6. Execute: grunt create-admin-user –email joe@example.com  replace  joe@example.com with your adminstrator’s email address
7. Follow the generated web link to set the password:
Maybe you need to replace the ip and port to the ones provided by kitematic for your image, see: Settings/Ports/MAC IP:PORT
8. Publish (www): in order to be able to access your docker image from the internet you must expose your local docker subnet ip/port to your host subnet: ill recommend using nap/netcat/ncat for this: https://nmap.org/download.html#macosx
8.1 Install ncat
8.2 Expose your docker ip/port: ncat -4 -kl -p 3333 –sh-exec “ncat 32769”  where -p 3333 is your exposed/accessible port and 32769 is dockers ip/port, see settings/ports of your docker tool – image


Temporary QuickFix for: grunt create-admin-user –email joe@example.com: “Warning: Task joe@example.com not found…”
1. Edit /sharelatex/web/Gruntfile.coffee  (See image below for details)
2. Create your admin user: grunt create-admin-user –email
3. copy link for password reset and replace localhost:port with your docker images ip:port

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