[UNIX] Alias + Rsync + SSH

A small nifty script, to sync any folder on a local machine to a remote server, and running any command to be executed at the server e.g. in a specified folder alias sync=”cd <foldertosync@local> && rsync -avP –progress -e ssh <foldertosync@local> <username>@<serveraddress>:<foldertosync@server> && ssh -X <username>@<serveraddress> -t \”cd <foldertosync@server>; bash –login\””

[VirtualBox] Manage VDI Container (Windows guest)

Increase size: 1. vboxmanage createhd –filename <name.vdi> –size <dest bigger than src in mb> –format VDI –variant Fixed|Standard 2. vboxmanage clonehd <src.vdi> <dest.vdi> –existing Decrease size: 1. Defragment your hard drive in Windows 2. Use sdelete (1.61) to fill empty space with 0s in Windows (sdelete -z c:) [DOWNLOAD] 3. vboxmanage createhd –filename <name.vdi> –size … [Read more…]

[ANDROID] Jailbreak/Root almost any Android device with MAC OS X

Root almost any Android device: 1. Download Android SDK: https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html 2. Launch Android SDK Manager: cd /your-android-sdk-macosx-folder/sdk/tools ./android sdk 2.1. Install from Android SDK Manager: “Android SDK Platform-tools” 3. Check for adb and fastboot in your platform-tools folder: cd /your-android-sdk-macosx-folder/sdk/platform-tools ls   4. Download Android File Transfer: http://www.android.com/filetransfer/ 4.1 Install Android File Transfer 5. Download Custom Recovery ClockworkMod … [Read more…]