Run Windows 7 and 8 within Bootcamp with Clover/Chameleon in Parallels/VMWare Fusion

  • Post published:December 28, 2013

I recently needed Windows 7 in order to develop some OPENGL application. So I found a piece of paper where i noted how to accomplish this mission on a self-made MAC.

I discovered a method that always works since Tiger and Windows XP:

For Mavericks 10.9 and Windows 7 or 8 I`ll recommend u to have:
– Parallels 9.x || VMWare Fusion 6.x && NTFS Paragon || Tuxera
– A single HDD (allowed being cleared & repartitioned)
– Mug of coffee

Disconnect all harddrives
Connect hard drive where Windows will be installed (!! IMPORTANT: Connect Win-HDD @PORT 0:0 as Windows will install its MBR @disk0,0 -> so you will have a system.reserved partition and a windows one)
– So having only the windows drive attached @motherboards SATA port 0:0 insert your installation medium (usb pen drive or installation dvd)
– Let the windows installer repartition the whole drive in order to get a MBR Table and a system-reserved partition containing your windows bootup mbr section
– After windows finishing its basic installation routine you need to restart a couple of times to finally have windows completely installed (benchmarks and whatever…)
– After you logged into windows for the first time you can do updates && || driver installation
– Feel free to reconnect your other hard drives with OS X and Linux to boot up OS X (BUT remember that the windows drive must remain at at PORT 0:0 -> this can be the tricky part for u if your boot loader (chameleon or clover is installed at a hard drive)

-> I recommend using an usb pendrive for your bootloader and setup your BIOS to start from this usb pendrive
– Finally you can load Parallels and import Bootcamp, after its init it won’t boot as you must tell it that it has a system-reserved partition where its mbr is at (Parallels settings:)

Bootcamp Pratition Settings Parallels