[MAC] OSX External Harddisk will not unmount? “Could not unmount disk?”

As someone recently asked me how to  unmount an external disk: a) by forcing it to unmount: sudo unmount <harddisk> e.g. sudo unmount /Volumes/hdd_xyz …which is really dangerous because you force your disk controller to throw out your drive even it is working for you… (risk of dataloss):/ b) [Better solution] find your real enemy: sudo lsof | grep … [Read more…]

[MAC Mavericks OS 10.9] VirtualBox not shutting down correctly?

Having trouble to shutdown your VirtualBox since you upgraded to OS X 9 (Mavericks)? [Solved] Write a short bash script, to remove your virtual vboxnet(XYZ) network adapter, which causes this failure! #!/bin/bash VBoxManage hostonlyif remove vboxnet<xyz> VBoxManage hostonlyif create Remember to make it executable: chmod +X <scriptname_xyz> So all we do here is to remove our vboxnet<xyz> “host … [Read more…]

[MAC] MacPorts Problem: Tcl configuration… configure: error: Can’t find Tcl configuration definitions

Since OS X 8.5 and X 9 we have problems with macports not being able to selfupdate or even build it, because of TCL. [Solved] XCode command line tools are no longer installed correctly… If you go to your XCode preferences you’ll find no command line tool installer anymore 🙁 So fire up a shell and … [Read more…]

[MAC TV] OSCam – EyeTV – EyeTVCamd Example Configuration Files

I compiled a new version of oscam, eyetvcamd to work with my monitor here… Get the AIO Package here DOWNLOAD Get OSCam + Config-Files here  DOWNLOAD Get EyeTVCamd 32 here  DOWNLOAD Get EyeTVCamd 64 here  DOWNLOAD (EyeTVCamd use 64bit release version for mountain lion) More info@ http://www.oscam.cc https://github.com/eyetvCamd/eyetvCamd !!Remember I am not the author, nor i … [Read more…]

[VirtualBox] HowTo resize a VDI Container

I recently hit a problem, by setting up a new VirtualBox machine… I set my HDD container to 10Gb and wondered why i was running out of memory :/ So to resize/increase your HDD Container’s memory size you have to: [MAC/LINUX] Fire up a terminal and type: sudo vboxmanage modifyhd “PATH TO YOUR *.VDI FILE” –resize “INT AS NEW … [Read more…]