Mac OS External Harddisk will not unmount: could not unmount disk?

As someone recently asked me how to  unmount an external disk: a) by forcing it to unmount: sudo unmount <harddisk> e.g. sudo unmount /Volumes/hdd_xyz ...which is really dangerous because you force your disk controller to throw out your drive even it is working for you... (risk of dataloss):/ b) [Better solution] find your real enemy: sudo lsof | grep /Volumes/xyz and try to stop, eliminate those working, open files from your disk drive <xyz>


Mac OS: VirtualBox not shutting down correctly (10.9)?

Having trouble to shutdown your VirtualBox since you upgraded to OS X 9 (Mavericks)? [Solved] Write a short bash script, to remove your virtual vboxnet(XYZ) network adapter, which causes this failure! #!/bin/bash VBoxManage hostonlyif remove vboxnet<xyz> VBoxManage hostonlyif create Remember to make it executable: chmod +X <scriptname_xyz> So all we do here is to remove our vboxnet<xyz> "host only" network adapter by executing this script after we tried to shutdown our virtual box machine! The script successfully recreates the adapter with the "saved" settings... (<xyz> = 0...n in most cases write vboxnet0)

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OSCam – EyeTV, and EyeTVCamd Example Configuration Files

I compiled a new version of oscam, eyetvcamd to work with my monitor here... Get the AIO Package here DOWNLOAD Get OSCam + Config-Files here  DOWNLOAD Get EyeTVCamd 32 here  DOWNLOAD Get EyeTVCamd 64 here  DOWNLOAD (EyeTVCamd use 64bit release version for mountain lion) More info@ !!Remember I am not the author, nor i am the distributor of these tools: So do not ask me any questions regarding using them for piracy purposes!!


Not able to open certain Websites in any Browser on OS X 10.6 10.7 10.8?

If you are, like me, not able to open certain websites in any browser on OS X 10.6 10.7 10.8 on a MAC with Hamachi LogMeIn installed...Fell free to uninstall Hamachi, because of it fails to setup the DNS Route correctly... Try to use another VPN Tunneling Tool or ask Hamachi for an update ;) This problem occurred to me while browsing with Safari on ML 10.8.5 and 10.9. I reset Safari itself, delete the Keychain, tried every other Browser available, as it worked on every other device :( (DO NOT DO THAT! JUST REMOVE HAMACHI!)


VirtualBox: HowTo resize a VDI Container

I recently hit a problem, by setting up a new VirtualBox machine... I set my HDD container to 10Gb and wondered why i was running out of memory :/ So to resize/increase your HDD Container's memory size you have to: [MAC/LINUX] Fire up a terminal and type: sudo vboxmanage modifyhd "PATH TO YOUR *.VDI FILE" --resize "INT AS NEW DISKSPACE SIZE IN MEGABYTES" e.g. sudo vboxmanage modifyhd /User/xyz/VBMachines/Windummy.vdi --resize 100000 Will resize Windummy.vdi to 100GB diskspace! [WINDOWS] I suggest to change to VirtualBox Installation-Directory and execute the command e.g. cd "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VboxManage" modifyhd --resize 100000 "*.vdi" Attention: You must boot into your os an resize/expand your partition…

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